What you need to succeed: Focus

9200249_origThe well known South African golfer and golf presenter Dale Hayes  said that he has never in the history of golf seen a hole go to a golf ball.  You have to actually hit the golf ball to the hole – that simple.  Any golfer will be painfully aware of this simple truth in putting skill: the challenge of golf is to aim your shot at the target, the hole, taking into consideration the distance and the obstacles of slope and green speed.  If you do not aim your shot at the hole you will simply not hear that little sound of victory when the ball drops into the hole.  You have to aim at your target.

You cannot get lost if you do not know where you are going

This is also true in life.  I have come across this brilliant quote that you will see in the picture: “The odds of hitting your target go up dramatically when you aim at it.”  For this to be true, in the first place, you need to have a target.  Do you have targets or defined goals in your life?  Hopefully so.  Some people seem to live aimlessly – they do not really have a plan, they live from moment to moment.  There is another saying that you cannot get lost if you do not know where you are going.  And if you do not now where you are going, staying just where you are is always a safe choice.  But a very poor choice.  Because if you do not move you will fall behind.  That is life.

We need to set goals and targets for ourselves. This must happen on a daily basis and on many fronts.  We need to decide where we are going.  When you plan your life, in general, your career, your retirement, your next holiday, your next big assignment at your place of work, your week, your day today or tomorrow, you need to set yourself targets.  And then the most important thing is to aim at it.  You have to take actions, do stuff, move from where you are towards your target.  And you fill find in life that many times you miss your target at first.  Sometimes we even have to redefine our targets.  But the odds of success go up dramatically when you have targets and you aim at it.  That is called purposeful living.

Set targets, aim at them

Nowadays a lot of people are getting depressed about circumstances around them.  Politics, the economy, war and confrontation, health problems, financial trouble, so many things can steal our happiness.  But what I have found is that when, in the midst of all those negative factors, you set yourself targets and you aim at them, and when you spend your energy to achieving those targets, you will live a life with tens of thousands of moments of achievement.  In this manner the negative aspects become less depressing, more manageable.  Set targets, aim at them and see how your life will become purposeful and enriched.